This two-player game is just like classic pong, with one important difference: you can shoot.

Each paddle is equipped with a powerful missile launcher capable of firing once per second. Collect ammunition by hitting the ball with your paddle or shooting the ball.

If you shoot the ball, it will split into two, unless it is too small in which case it will disappear.

If you shoot the other player's paddle, the paddle will break where you shot it. Shooting the other player's gun will render it unusable for ten seconds.

The keys for the left paddle are as follows:
Up: W
Down: S
Fire: D

For the right paddle:
Up: I
Down: K
Fire: J

Begin by pressing Play, or by pressing the "g" key. Start a new match by clicking New Match, or with the "n" key.

The big numbers in the middle of the screen are the current scores. The small numbers in the middle are the number of bullets each player has.

Games are played to 11 points, and you have to win by at least two points. After the game is complete, a new one will begin. The numbers at the top of the screen keep track of how many times each player has won.

The game never says someone wins the match, but it is recommended to play to three games. Make sure you both agree on what you are playing to before beginning the game.

If you want, you can give a player a handicap. To change the size of the left paddle, use the following keys:
Smaller: 1
Bigger: 2
Reset: 3

For the right paddle:
Smaller: 8
Bigger: 9
Reset: 0